Elegoo Mars Pro

I bought an E-Mars Pro and must admit that I’m very impress with the quality and ease of use!

I had bought a SparkMaker a year ago and was very disapointed with the use and print quality!

I print only with water washable resins and results are spectacular!

Here are some pictures of some of my prints!

Druid made with skin color washable resin!

Wizzard made with skin color washable resin!

Birdy pinup, made with gray color washable resin!

The wife love Rooster’s to decorate sooo, in progess !:smile:

Warlock made with grey color washable resin!

Cerberus, pet of the Warlock🤣

This is a 2 part Lighthouse print! The white part is water washable resin and the gray part was made with my Ender 5 plus! The 2 parts fit together with a recess in the base and it clics in place even if they are from different printing process (FDM and SLA) !

Feel free to comment, or ask questions!



Those are some great looking prints!

How do you find the water washable resin compares to using regular resin? Does it take much longer to print/cure?

Please note its still toxic so you can’t dump the washed resin down the sink.

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They look great!
have you had a chance to make any parts where durability is important? I was trying to buy this printer myself and could just never get the timing right and kept missing when they were in stock

they really do look awesome, Love seeing the creations

Not at all!
I find it less sticky to work with, you have to shake it well before use and let it rest for 2-3 minutes for the bubbles to come out and then you can print!
i use 60 second for the 5 first layers and after that 6.8 seconds for curing layers. Works well that way and time is not an issue.
Curing is similar to other resins.


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Oh I know that!
I use the EasyClean solution from Filaments.ca to clean my prints!
Here is the link:

I bought 3L of it and put in in my Anycubic curing/washing machine the advantage is that you dont need to change the solution in between prints!
It dissociates the residues and you can keep it for a long time in the container!
When you want to dispose of it You put a uv nail light on top and let it stir for half an hour and all the residues solidify and you can dispose of it safely!

Well that is my 2cents :wink:


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I bought mine on amazon.ca, they are still in stock.

If I had knew the where so good! I would have bought the Mars 2 pro for 50$ more you get a bigger print sirface and fister curing time, like 2-4 seconds per layer insted of 5 to 8, half the time!

What do you mean by durability pieces?


I see. I was looking for the Saturn model for the larger size. On durability I mean to make things like housings, Pulleys, gears and things like mechanical parts that won’t work if a part is too brittle, and some flexible parts would be good to make too. but the hard parts need to be a little tougher. I’m really hoping the POM and PETG parts work out from the FDM printer I have, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I still need some upgrades and kind of refine my workflow so I know what i’m doing.

I also have the Mars Pro, and love it, but I think I should have waited and bought the Mars 2 pro for the mono screen. The advantages of the mono screen are, print faster, higher resolution and the screen life is a lot longer.