Enclosure Temperature

I am making an enclosure for an Ender 5 Plus and plan on heating it. I may never need to get it to hot but I would like to possibly play with some of the more exotic filaments down the road. With all of the electronics outside of the enclosure and proper cooling on the steppers what would be the max temp for the 5 Plus be, the highest recommended enclosure temp I have seen is 120c.

Wayne I thought the same as you did. I build a fairly well insulated enclosure. My findings was that I needed to cool it down it was getting too hot. For me I find the temp it runs is related to the heat bed. If the bed is at 60ºC my enclosure is 45ºC or so. If the bed is at 90ºC the enclosure is 70º maybe a bit better. For me this is perfect. I print a wide range of filaments with little issue. I would try it with out heat first. You may find it is not needed.

Thanks very much for that, I’ll definitely give it a try. I’m still wondering though, what the max temp inside the enclosure would be. Is 70c be to much? Thanks Wayne

depends on the material. PC 70 would be fine pal it will soften before it enters the hot zone of the extruder and jam, experience here. remember the ‘cool’ end is far warmer than the ambient enclosure temps.

Again thanks but I am thinking more about the max temp the printer its self can tolerate in an enclosure with the electronics mounted outside.

does it have printed parts and what are they printed from?

I would NEVER go over 80ºC and if the plastic is Petg that is too hot it will start to deform. Many plastic printer parts are Petg or ASA, ASA parts will tolerate higher maybe 85-95º but that is pushing it dangerously. 70º would be safe if you are printing PC other materials 70 is going to be way to hot.

I didn’t bother putting electronics outside the enclosure. In theory it shortens the life but quality electronics will stand up to that with little problem. Assuming you can keep the drivers cool enough.