End of Spool bits and Spools: What to do with them

I have a lot of empty spools and spools with small amounts on them that are taking up space. Does any one have an idea or thought on what can be done with them?

For me, I put small amounts into a big zip lock bag and use them with my 3D pen or use them up on my small Ender 2 when I need some small greeblies, triggers or something else tiny.


mine are sitting in the box a printer came in. Waiting to see what I can do with them

This thread here about recycling PLA

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2x for pen. I just have a bag I keep all the short ends in. If they are a meter or so I sometimes use them for prints where colours don’t matter I will feed one by hand and back a new chunk by hand following it.


If you’re making something decorative and are creating contrasting layers by swapping out filaments, you can use a short section of filament to do one or two layers. Just be sure to allow half a gram or so for the purge.
The version of Marlin on my Ender 5 recognizes the M600 g-code command, which makes this easy, if a little tedious.

I saw this on Thingiverse to make something out of the old empty spools!!


I have seen alot of these but I am talking about 20 to 30 empty spools, I do not have that many things to store, LOL. Thanks for the idea though.

Make a few bucks and sell them!! LOL

Just not worth the the probable $1.38 I would get for them for plastic. LOL.