Ender 3 3D Printer not printing the model I selected

I used Ultimaker Cura to slice and put the file onto the Sd card (It was the test cube from thingiverse, has a letter on each side) and when i let my printer print it, it just made two flat squares beside each other and said it was done. it didn’t even attempt to make the full thing. I don’t know what i did wrong or if i was supposed to select certain options but i followed along a video and i did everything it told me to for the cube model.

Could you share with us:

  • What version of Cura are you using and what is the printer profile (found under the “Settings” drop down) along with the filament profile
  • Where you got the model/.stl file
  • A photograph of what was produced

I’m using Creality ender 3 (im confused on what you mean by the printer profile) and i am using the windows newest version of cura. The file was found on this site (link is exactly what i downloaded)
XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube by iDig3Dprinting - Thingiverse and the picture is this stuff

In the Cura “Prepare” view, you need to specify the printer (red box), the material (green box) and the material profile (blue box):

What do you have specified for these three options. The “Material” that’s hidden by the printer profile is “Generic PLA”.

The Printer is The Creality Ender 3 , The material is Generic PLA (the filament you get with a newly purchased Ender 3, and the profile is Standard quality (0.2 mm)

Where did you get the .stl file (URL please) and what is the size of the gcode?

Please provide a screenshot of the model in Cura under “Preview”.

where do i find the gcode or stl file?

i gave all i know about the file because i downloaded it from thingiverse

I guess I can’t be part of this conversation without offending people.

I’m bowing out.

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@mykepredko is one of the experts here. we are mostly all just trying to help. The base printers are a lot harder to use than the more advanced versions that have much automated tasks.

That said, download THIS cube.

There are a number of bad models on thingiverse I would suggest Printables or Thangs, the models are checked.

The CHEP cube is known and used a lot.

Did you follow the calibration carefully?

Did you use Isopropanol to clean the bed?

There are a lot of ins and outs, please be patient and try not to be frustrated. It is a long process. The cheap printers simply down work instantly out of the box.

I am going to offer some advice on model selection. Lets look at this:


It has 35000 Downloads, 13000 likes and 900 people said they made one, there are tons of photos of print others actually made. this is a design that is actually going to print well. Designs can have a lot of issues that can make them unprintable or very very difficult to print. Typically the ones that print well and are downloaded and printed many times.

Always look for prints especially at first that have many ‘makes’ and lots of downloads. The ones especially with no actual image of an actual print are suspect. Not to say they are all bad but some can be a nightmare to attempt, and require repairing.