Ender 3 beeping

I am printing with petg on my ender 3 and there is a beeping noise every 2.5 seconds that has never been there before. Does anyone know what this could be and should I be worried.

This is a long shot but it could be connected to the thermal overload protection. Petg requires higher temps. that are near the limit for an Ender. Possibly the protection circuit is getting “confused”.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out that a controller for one of my drones was accidentally left on in the printer room and was beeping. Hearing is not my best quality.

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I feel for you. Everything seems to beep or chirp now and in a room with lots of electronics it is hard to find what it is. I spent weeks trying to find a low random chirp. It was the last thing I thought of, smoke detector. I felt rather silly. I thought it was something else.

Had something like that back in the 70’s, you know the stone age. Sitting in a Canadian navy ship at Pearl Harbour and it sounded like we had a bird trapped inside the ship and everyone was going crazy trying to find it. Turns out it was an American ship along side running its multi frequency sonar. It made a 3 or 4 note sound like a bird chirping. Drove us nuts.

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You guys and gals are the best. I feel much better now. Until the next weird noise.

Thanyou all

As long as it isn’t coming from your stomach!