Ender 3 bltouch help

I have not seen too much info about this topic. i have a ender 3 with the 8 bit v 1.1.4 board and the generic creality bltouch kit ive looked at a few YouTube videos but i cant find the right firmware or how to flash properly. im using a macbook so any help appreciated.

@Redracefpv have you tried to connect the Mac with something like Pronterface? Some of the boards do not have Mac drivers and short of lots of gyrations with Terminal you cannot connect it at all. Before I fought too hard I would suggest confirming you can send commands to the printer at all.

My Tiko has no issues the mono price was a struggle but did the Prusa was easy the sidewinder no way no how.


thanks for the reply im currently trying some ideas i have seen. my ender 3 is fine for now just no bltouch now if only my tevo tarantula will work

I can’t swear to this but with that motherboard you “might” have to add a small daughter board to be able to connect the bl touch to the motherboard. Also updating the firmware also has extra problems since it doesn’t come with a boot loader as far as I know. This can be addressed and Creality should have the newer firmware that supports it.

hi @Redracefpv with the 8 bit board you will need to burn a boot loader to it first.

You can do this 2 ways, one with an arduino, there are lots of tutorials on this, or with a USB bootloader.

Teching tech does a very good tutial on both of these, I personally prefer the arduino one mostly because i have a few kicking around the house. Process is pretty simple, connect an UNO to the 8 bit board with 6 wires, Burn the bootloader and flash firmware as per normal.

If you do no have an Arduino around and have to buy a bunch of stuff to do it I would suggest the easiest way to do it is just upgrade the mainboard. they will run about $120, they will be bolt in, Way easier to flash firmware on it, Much more community support and they are super quiet.

Just a suggestion, we can get you going either way, Just let us know what route you want to take.

hi there. thanks to everyone for the help however my ender 3 is soon going up for sale and because of that the bltouch is going on my ender 5 and ill just get the pros at 3D printing canada to set it all up.

as always they know more than me.

hi @Redracefpv

Thanks for letting us know, Look forward to seeing you in store. We will get you hooked up

As always thank you…