Ender 3 hotend or e3d all metal hotend

So as the title mentions, im going to be changing my cairrage to accept more “standard” hotend parts. I have a full ender 3 hotend on hand, and some e3d clone hotends i bought off AliExpress.

Im hesitant to go with the creality hotend with the mindset its inadequate. I mostly print pla and some petg.

Would it be worth buying an official e3d v6 all metal hotend. Or should the ender 3 hotend work well enough.

What are your expierences with both?

I didn’t have much issue with my original hot end but I have one i can interchange set up with a volcano, & a metal heatbreak to use for abs and nylon. I haven’t printed the nylon yet but I was able to use 1.2mm nozzles on it and I can print utility things really quickly with that

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I don’t have an ender but I do have a clone volcano and real e3d. The real e3d is far superior to the clone. The genuine nozzles are as well. I would suggest that the e3D tend to string less and be a more reliable dimensions and such make the cost difference worth it.

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