Ender 3 Lead screw Question

I have question in regards with Creality ender 3 pro yea I know this isn’t for this. However I’m looking for someone to discuss about z motor or the axis it turns it goes down however it doesn’t go up is there something I’m missing like screws being too tight or something. My email is kiddobrian@aol.com . I’ll show the video and see if any technician that’s good with ender 3 pro. Thank you

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Hi Bri

Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you found us. I have moved your question to its own thread just to be able to keep questions organized. Let me clean up a bit and I will post again to this thread

HI Bri

are you referring to just pushing the gantry down it moves but pulling up on it does not move? Or are you talking when you use Move Axis Z+/-? Just want to clarify the issue.

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