Ender 3 Max w/ CR Touch, BIQU H2, Klipper. $300

This printer and I have some history (see posts on this forum). I’ve decided it’s time for it to go to a better home :wink:

It has the following upgrades:
BIQU H2 direct extruder
Creality CR Touch
Volcano Hot End
Official E3 replacement thermistor
0.8 Nozzle

I’ll also throw in the magnetic steel PEI sheet bed addon that I had installed at one point and removed again. I’ve also moved the filament sensor to the top rail as it works better from there with the direct drive extruder.

This printer was setup to be able to push out large volume prints in short amounts of time and does a good job of that, but it just takes more of my time and attention than I’m willing to give it at this point.

$300 takes it away. I’m in Oakville, ON.

If you want to use Klipper on it you will need to supply your own Raspberry Pi or similar. If you don’t want to run klipper on it I can flash it back to Marlin firmware (I highly suggest the latest 2.x release as opposed to the creality provided ones if you want to use OctoPi or anything similar).