Ender 3 motherboard which one should I get?

I have an ender 3 I’ve had it for about two years now. I blew the motherboard for the second time awhile back and now I’m trying to get it going once again. I have a bl touch that I want to use on it. I was thinking I’d probably want a 32 bit board but I don’t really know which one to get or which ones would perform best. Any suggestions? Anything helps thanks.

I put the BigTree SKR mini v1.4 in my Ender 3. Made it nice and quiet and I added a BL touch. They have version 2 out now.

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I’ve got the BT SKR mini E3 as well; not the v2. I’m quite happy with it. I don’t have a BT touch setup (yet?) but I do find it is very quiet. I installed a BMG clone extruder and with esteps of 400, it was unbearably loud. Now all I hear are fans. I’d love to quiet them down, too, but it’s not a big deal.

I have been using the Skr mini e3 v2 for a while now and I have no complaints about it.
I’m using it with bl touch, and the btt smart filament sensor.

If your bl touch was wired for a creality board you may need to change the orientation of the wires to work with the btt boards. At least I had to switching from my stock cr20 pro board to the Skr v2.

I’ve been using the BTT mini E3 v1.2 for about 8 months and have had no issues. I run a BL Touch as well. It’s nice and quite, I hardly know it’s printing.

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Thanks for the help I just ordered one from 3d printing Canada last night so I guess we’ll see how it works.

100% SKR Mini if you plan on leaving the printer stock. if you plan on doing an enclosure with a heater the SKR 1.4 has a couple extra useful features to support that.

I put in the Creality 1.1.5 board but wish now i waited for at least the 32bit 2.1.7 board. Didn’t go SKR but heard great things. Anywhere you read it says good things

I have a ender 3 v2 and hate it ypu cant adjust the filament flow after it a print starts and less options overall… the skr mini e3 is awesome i have 2 and have no complaints