Ender 3 NEO Factory Specifications

MSRP: $219 USD

Make: Creality
Model: Ender 3 NEO
Build volume X: 220mm
Build volume Y: 220mm
Build volume Z: 250mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
XY-axis Precision: 0.012 mm
Z-axis Precision: 0.004 mm
Max Print Speed: 120 mm/s

Belt Length X:
Belt Length Y:
Belt/Leadscrew Length Z:

Type of Hotend: MK8
Stock print nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Max print temp nozzle: 260 deg C
Heated Bed: Yes
Max print temp Bed: 100 deg C
Filament Feeder system: Bowden
Hot-end cooling fan size: 4010 Axial
Part cooling fan Size:4015 Blower
Control board fan size: 4010 Axial

Auto Bed Leveling: YES
Filament Runout Sensor: NO
Connectivity: MicroSD card, USB.
Camera: NO
Printer Architecture: Cartesian XZ HEAD
Power Loss Recovery: YES
Magnetic Build Surface: NO
Power supply Voltage: 24 Volt
Power supply wattage: 360 W
Power supply manufacture: Creality (cULus listed), or Meanwell
Control board manufacture: Creality
Stepper Driver ID: TMC 2209
Control board version number: 4.2.2, 4.2.7, 4.3.1
Frame Dimensions (total overall footprint): 440✕ 440✕ 465mm.
Weight: 7.2 KG

Types of print Materials that could be printed on this printer (As listed by manufacturer):

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