Ender 3 Not so Pro

I have had a ender 3 since last year. I got really excited about 3D printing terrain and what have you. Early on it was going fine, but I found I was never able to 3D print more then one piece at a time. I bought various upgrades, and like the bl touch, and new extruders. I really can’t figure this thing out. I wish I had a step by step manual or something. Please help

Do you mean your software won’t produce multiple objects?

I would recommend the Quick Start Guide on the 3D Printing Canada channel:

As in my printer will used to only print one thing at a time, now I can’t even get that part right. I’ll check that out though Chris thank you

The best step by step guide I’ve found is teaching techs calibration site. It takes s while to get through it all but once calibrated it runs a while lot more reliably.