Ender 3 power supply relocation print

HI Everyone

I have a few Ender 3 (NOT PRO) printers and was looking for the print that relocates the power supply to under the printer like the V2. I have the print for the Meanwell power supply (thin one) but I am looking to see if there is a print that is similar but for the bigger power supply (cheng Ling) If you happen to know where I can find the STL file could you let me know.


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Are they not on Thingaverse. Someone on YouTube did a video on that, it might mention where the files are stored.

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i was going to do all of the relocation stuff. but I just leave it behind my printer on the shelf lol

I found these on Thingaverse, some are for the pro and some for the original 3. As near as I can tell the frames are the same and these should work for either. Could be wrong, I was once before.

LOL, as far as I can tell these are all for the LOW profile ones, I have a couple with the fatter power supplies,

THanks, @Loosenut I will print a couple I may be wrong as well. Best chance is the ender 3 ones, I think All my pros have the thin power supply.