Ender 3 print issue

After several really good prints, I tried printing these little fellas (twice) but got bad results on the back and under the arms any ideas, please? Also its been in the fridge but will now come off my glass bed?
Further if i want to put the original bed back on what do i need to adjust to get the bed closer to the nozzle so i can level the bed?

Looks to me like you might need to increase the cooling for those parts. If you have an original ender 3 you will most likely only have 1 part cooling fan, it is better to have a dual fan setup. There are lots of great mods for this online which you can print out!

Under the arms is about 45 Deg. which is about the limit for printing without support so it could be print sag. The “original” bed is not the glass bed???

Thinking it could just be the print file?
The glass bed is an upgrade.

Can you link the file? It might help to look at it and see if there is issues.

Happy Tooth

Here you go. The other issue is my last print has stuck fast to the glass bed! I think it is stuck to old filament on the bed. I have tried putting it in the fridge and heating the bed up any ideas?

The glass bed is stuck tight it was an upgrade, wish I hadn’t bothered I may get one of the magnetic flexible beds.

Update: finally forced it off. Whats the best way to clean the bed to get rid of old filament?

PetG on glass you need to use glue stick!!! It bonds so firmly you can break the glass getting it off. Glue stick acts as a release.

Residual you can try a razor scraper. Be careful I rarely suggest them they have a big bite if it goes wrong. Stitches.

You could try a putty knife first but I doubt it would work.

Glass it a good bed choice especially hardened. It can solve beds that are warped.

Flexible are good too. Pros and cons of everything.

Sometimes residual filament after scraping printing pla over it will help remove the small layer that is left. Razor scraping usually cleans it all in my experience.

I’ll look at the file after I run errands.

How much do you put on?

Thanks I don’t think it’s anything I have done as I have had 4 day prints come out perfectly.

A scraper. Glass is great, use glue too. You will never have any of the usual problems with prints lifting or corners curling. Yes it can be a bit difficult to remove but I have never had that much trouble getting prints off. It usually comes off easily when the bed cools or jamming a scraper under the print if your in a hurry.

P.S. try printing with the black pebbles facing down and see if that helps.

The file looks fine. There is what I would take to be a seam the line on the back top to bottom. Random seam might minimize that. The arms should print fine with no support but it is printer dependant. There are worls or circular things there are odd artifacts, a different speed and layer height may minimize them.

I use just a bit of glue stick, I draw a squiggle and then use a wet paper towel (blue shop towel works for me) and use it to dilute and spread the glue stick thin over the area. It works to help release the PETG from bed, it also helps hold PLA down.

Thank you to everyone who replied. I tried another pront and was the same, i changed filament anf half way through it started stringing an came off the bed.
I have a magnetic flexible bed today so trying that with an xyz cube i will post it later.

Did you check inside the hotend? The ender-3 PTFE tube goes all the way down to the nozzle. After hundreds of hours of printing, the PTFE tube may be forced upwards, leaving a gap and increasing the friction. This will produce strings and extrusion issues. I would also check the V-rollers, as they will get loose eventually.

I gave up with the happy tooth print I Went back to my red filament and it disintegrated halfway through!
I got my new bed installed with the flexi magnetic bed and made this XYZ cube came out perfect and it lifted straight off the bed. Even the bottom and top look good. (The letter M was on the bottom). Al looking good now.

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