Ender 3 Pro 4.2.7 BLTouch Probe won't deploy

My issue is that the probe does not deploy when homing.

It deploys and retracts twice when I power the printer on, then I use the auto home option through the LCD and the probe does not deploy when the printer head moves to the center of the bed.

It also won’t deploy, retract or do a self-test, or anything through the BLTouch menu on the LCD.

Anyone run into this before and remember how they fixed it?


Sounds like one of the problems in this video.


so with the 427 board I’ve run into the same issue where you have to use the three pin servo in the five pin spot on the board and then still use the two pin Z and stop port on the board and it fixed the problem I’ve had a few people with the same one they followed my advice and we’re printing in no time you also need to make sure you have the wiring for the BL touch Cable in the right order


It was the 3 pin cable config. Switched the red and blue around and everything was golden.

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awesome brother glad to hear you got everything working it’s always normally just if you use crealities firmware you have the BL touch plug plugged in in the wrong spot or reverse