Ender 3 pro 4.2.7 motherboard confusion

Installed a new silent motherboard in my ender 3 pro…it is not working…nothing but blue screen on the unit…tried to download/install new firmware…super confused…please help

Lets start with the obvious, but easily overlooked. I don’t have an Ender 3, I have the Ender 5Pro, so it’s possible some of what I’m about to say may not apply in your case, but take a look.

The display/control panel has three slots for a cable to plug into. Are you plugged into the right one? I tried this myself (plugging into the wrong slot) just to see what would happen and all I got was a blue screen, so give it a double check.

Also, make sure your cables are fully seated on both the motherboard and the display panel.

Checked everything and all is good…firmware issue?

I suppose that’s the next thing I’d try.

Got it figured out…it turns out that I didn’t reformat the sd card…it had a lot of files from the previous motherboard on it…simply reformat the sd card (fat32) and download the appropriate firmware, unzip to bin file and load to sd card…done!!..thank you so much LEGO for your help…your the only one who came to help