Ender 3 Pro BLTouch - Suddenly Won't Level

Back again with the Ender 3 Pro V4.2.2 board and ANTCLabs v3.1 BLTouch. I had got everything working just fine the other day, which is the bizarre part of my problem: suddenly I can’t get the BLTouch to recognize a flat surface.

When running G29 now , it shows my left side is approx -0.03, while my right side is +0.02. I have since levelled it manually with the knobs as a print is going and got it spot on perfect, but when running G29 right after that I get the same poor mesh reading. Further, when the exact same bed levelling print was done after levelling manually but using this poor mesh, the left side of the print is smashed in to the plate and the right side prints too high (as expected from the poor mesh). It seems that the BLTouch isn’t generating an appropriate mesh, but I can’t think of how or why this might be the case outside of the sensor itself is faulty.

Any thoughts?

Have you done any firmware changes latley? Or useing the sd card that did the firmware change?

Is the bltouch deploying correctly?

Is everything snug that should be snug?

Is the hotend straight? Or looks straight?

Have you tried doing a mesh calibration from the menu options?

My Biqu B1 is exactly like this when the vertical extrusions the X carriage runs on aren’t parallel. I go over the assembly of the machine with squares to make sure they are parallel and perpendicular to the base of the machine then everything works perfectly. This happens whenever I have turned t printer upside down to get inside the cabinet on the bottom and possibly bumped the gantry out.

I thought I had responded to this, but apparently didn’t submit it. I have since resolved the problem - it was either the wire harness being too tight and pulling on the carriage, or the gantry needing levelling (likely some combination of both).

I had done a firmware change to accommodate the BLTouch - got the TH3D universal firmware, latest version at the time. The BLTouch was deploying properly. Things were snug that should have been (which was the cause of my first issue), but ultimately TOO snug! The hotend was taken apart, parts replaced, etc.

Thanks for responding, though. Even if I didn’t see it, it was still nice!

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