Ender 3 Pro Firmware Tramming

Hi all, I’m trying to set up assisted tramming on an ender 3 pro and I’m pulling what little hair I have out lol. I have it working but it’s not probing in top of the adjusting screws. Here is my bltouch setting for probe offset and clip margin: #define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET {-50.00, -11.71, -0.740 }

// Most probes should stay away from the edges of the bed, but

// with NOZZLE_AS_PROBE this can be negative for a wider probing area.


Here is the tramming points: // Define positions for probe points.

#define TRAMMING_POINT_XY { { 20, 20 }, { 180, 20 }, { 180, 214 }, { 20, 214 } }

When I input the positions for the screws of 20,11 202,11 202,200 and 20,200 I get a compiling error: error: static assertion failed: TRAMMING_POINT_XY point 1 is not reachable with the default NOZZLE_TO_PROBE offset and PROBING_MARGIN.

Any ideas as to what I am missing?

hi @paullowe

I think your nozzle to offset probe is too much. the calulations in the compiling process are not working.

What type of BLtouch and mount are you using? According to the numbers you have posted your BLTouch is 2 inches to the left and 1/4 inch to the rear of your nozzle? is this roughly correct? If its correct then all is good, just seems like alot to me looking at it from here.


Yuppers those are right except its infront of the nozzle. Its an original bltouch, as for the mount it was something I printed a year or more ago so I’m not sure.

The way I read it is that if the probing margin is set at 20 (buffer from the edge of the bed) you would have to set up your tramming points at edge of bed -20.

I can see in the setup you have that one point is set at 11. If you set your tramming points as below will it at least compile? that will tell us if we are going down the right path.

Just confirming you are setting your bed up to be 220X220. Essentially this tramming set will give you a 21MM space all the way around the bed. Inside your 20mm buffer, you have configured. and on the right side, it’s within the reachable area of the BLtouch.
TRAMMING_POINT_XY { { 21, 21 }, { 149, 21 }, { 149, 199 }, { 21, 199 } }