Ender 3 replacement Encoder

I had a failure on the rotary encoder on my Ender 3 Pro. This is the “menu button” that you move and select with. The one I have has this display:

Rather than spend approximately $50
on a replacement display, I decided to replace the encoder itself.
Did some searching, and found the following Bournes replacement at DigiKey:

Rotary Encoder

Replaced it today and it works great! Be advised, though, you will have to reverse the direction of the encoder in the firmware (I’m using Marlin Bugfix 2.1.1). This is done by uncommenting one line in the encoder direction section of config.h.
It works without doing this, however, the directions for menu and number setting will be backwards.
All in all, a satisfying and simple fix, and it cost me about $6.50 (I bought four of them, because I need a couple for another project). Additionally, the Bournes encoder is much higher quality than the original.

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