Ender 3 s1 not seeing sd card or usb

Recently purchased as ender 3 s1 works great
But it no longer sees the sd card or the usb

starting at the beginning, the simpliest and hopefully solution, is to check the card itself. Is it fat 32 format? Do you use a Mac computer? does the card work in other things?

Thank you for ask I did not full check all
That being said I am unable to see the native files that came on the SD card also ( cat )
And I can read the cards on my pc

It sounds like the directory is off, try formatting the card in fat 32.

What app do you find is best for pc

@JacquesG I have never used a PC. I have run Macs since 94.

I assumne the PC instructions are fine. His Mac ones actually are not reliable as mac use 32000 blocks per cluster and printers don’t always read that well, generally 4096 per cluster is better. Moot comment it isn’t reverent for you.

This is a starting point. It might be simple of it could be more serious. This just confirms its not a card problem before attention is turned to the printer.