Ender 3 S1 Plus Firmware to 300 C

The Ender 3 S1 Plus is limited to 260 C so it limits what filaments you can use.

I am thinking of upgrading my hot end to 300 C but I am not sure if there is firmware out yet that will allow it to go to 300 C.

Anyone know if this possible?

Well, you could donate to this guy, and then you have access to nightly firmware for I think about all Creality printers. Or alternatively, he also has a firmware builder which has worked well for me, that you can set pretty much every parameter you would when compiling your own firmware, including max temperature, linear advance, input shaping beta, and all the other goodies. The attached image shows the two variants of the E3 S1 he supports, not sure which would be the plus model. You do get bugfix firmware instead of the stable release, but I have had no issues with it.


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Hello, for the ender 3s1 plus, you can increase it up to 300 degrees when you replace the titanium barrel and one more piece. But unfortunately I couldn’t find the software. I found out that it is not yet developed for the touchscreen.