Ender 3 S1 Plus - Lack of parts and accessories

Hi all! I just bought an Ender 3 S1 Plus which I really like so far. However, I am noticing a lack of parts and accessories available for this printer.

Any reason why? Am I missing something?

HI @vfragoso

Welcome to the Forum, I’m glad you found us here in our little corner of the internet.

Although I cannot speak for 100% fact what I suspect is just because it’s a newer printer the community has not done a lot of experimentation on it yet. It took a couple of years for the ender 3 to catch on and then the development exploded because all the parts for the older versions would fit the newer ones.

If anyone has any ideas for addons or any STL files feel free to post them up here. I am sure it would be appreciated.

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It’s basically an upgraded Ender 3V2 but enough parts have been changed to create compatibility problems.

Yeap! It makes sense. There are couple of things for the S1 Pro and S1 but nothing for the S1 Plus. My first one was an Ender 3 Pro and now I upgraded to the E3 S1 Plus.

I can’t even find a Bed Plate Cover for it. Not even Creality website has it.

A few days ago, I was looking for the firmware and it is/was not available on the Creality website yet. I needed to contact their Support team.

I hope to see more gadgets and parts available soon as the machine is fantastic.

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Nice to hear the good words about it even if you cannot upgrade it.

Thanks for letting us know, I value the feedback from new owners of printers, Its valuable to us who sell them.

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Nice, @Jason ! Please, help us bring gadgets and parts for the printer. :slight_smile:

I actually made my first online purchase in the store and I will be going in person to pick them up. I wonder if I can find better prices onsite or online. As this is my first one, I hope I took the right path. hahaha

HI @vfragoso , Hope I’m here to meet you when you come in. Our prices are the same in-store and online.

When you are here be sure to have a look around, Sometimes the website just doesn’t do justice to the sheer volume of parts and accessories on the floor. I usually hide in the back working on printers or updating the forum but I bounce in and around fairly often.

What is there to upgrade on it.

It has an ABL, dual Z axis (I think), touch display, flex bed and it has been tarted up to look pretty. Curious about the mother board though, it is different from the E3V2. Is it the newer semi quiet one 2.3.1 or something like that???

Good question! I would love to buy a led light bar available for some Creality printers.

Also, the glass bed plate.

The motherboard on my printer is ARMz STM32F401.

Glass is a simple thing to do (don’t forget to get the retaining clips with it) just check out a glass dealer if you can’t find one and some people use a mirror panel. As far as a light check out the sites like Thingaverse. People have posted lots of homemade lights made out of those LED light strips. Cheap and easy to do.

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