Ender 3 S1 Pro melt down

Received the new Ender 3 S1 Pro on 11 June and it was amazing for about six weeks; very quiet, easy to use and great prints. Then the 3D printer poltergeist struck. For reasons I have yet to figure out it now no longer levels regardless of manual or auto - purge line looks good then instant print failure, nozzle temp fluctuates plus or minus five to seven degrees during printing (busted thermistor?), both X and Y axis do not stop but keep moving after reaching end points, when the Z button is pressed the hot end tracks along the X axis until it runs into the right gantry support and keeps moving with a nice grinding sound. Nothing improved even after running a Pronterface diagnostic and entering/saving the recommended PID numbers.
Any thoughts/recommendations would be welcome!

holy moly, that’s really not good,

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit, Let’s get it to home, then see if we can get temp control on it after that’s its dialling and tuning.

First things first, When you connect to pronterface run an M119 this will tell you the end stop states, Check each one of the end-stops and ensure they trigger correctly

Then try to Home one axis at a time and see if any of them function as they should
I usually do
G28 X
G29 Y
G29 Z

If this does not work then we are looking at something more critical, Mainboard or Power supply


Hi Jason,
Thanks for the good guidance! I’ll give this a try and see what happens. Amazing how these things can be humming along and all-of-a-sudden they decide; that’s it, I quit.
Stay tuned!

Eek, I really hate the mucking about with the printer rather than just using it to print. I’m not really good with code (I use Macs many printers cannot connect) Anyway I had a odd set of things similar in some ways, homing would move and try to home on the wrong side, the temp would change on the menu mid print with no command, the extruder would retract farther than it extruded…

After eliminating all the variables I could I think / hope it is the main board. Something to keep in your mind.

The way it crashed and went bonkers so quickly makes me wonder the same thing. I’ll keep running the diagnostics adn see where they lead me.

Just a thought. It is a PITA to change so be certain to investigate all other possibilities first. But depending on how much the board costs and how availability it might be worth ordering one while you chase down the problem. it might minimize down time if that is important.