Ender 3 S1 Pro print speed?

Put together my new Ender 3 S1 Pro today and cannot figure out to change the print speed on the touch screen. It always says “100” next to the stop-watch symbol even though in Cura the speed is set at 50.
Any guidance on how to do this would be appreciated. The prints are coming out very good and quickly.
Just not sure how long the printer can handle being cranked up to 100 all the time before something cooks.

The 100 on the screen is %. So if you set the slicer at 50, then it is running at 50. When you change the speed from the screen while printing, the 100% will go up or down.

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Sounds good, thanks!

Just to add if the slicer is set to 50 the printer will print 100% of 50 or you could set 150% and it would print 75. Conversely set to 50 it will print 25.

I use this as a quick and dirty fix if the first layer is not going down well. I will cut the print speed % on the printer for the first few layers and dial it back up. On occasion over 100%

I’ve been printing for about 18 months and have learned that 3D printing is much like playing golf; there’s always more to learn and do better. And after reading your note I had a strong ‘aha!’ moment because I realized I completely misunderstood the relationship between Cura print speed and what I set on the printer. I had it in my head that you had to manually set the printer speed to match what was put into Cura, sic; I’ve been printing everything at Cura speed 50 and then setting the printer to match. This explains why the Cura print time and actual print times never matched up and why my prints took forever.

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I use the speed in the slicer to navigate complex areas or difficult bed adhesion prints.

The speed of the printer I use for scheduling. If I am almost out of filament but need to leave shortly I can speed up the printer so I can use the roll and change the filament before I go to work for example. Or if I go to bed early I may slow a print as time is less important. The print % for me is making the prints fit my life as it unfolds. Slicer controls quality, printer speed convince.

Good points to remember, thanks!