Ender 3 Using Script Files

Ender 3 Dose not recognize script files generated by Cura
Is my firmware too old, do I need a newer version

I thought the cura scripts were just making blocks of added gcode?

They do make the block of G-code and they are added as they should be and they look OK but when I am printing, my Printer ignores the code and shows on the screen that it dose not recognize the code. dose not interrupt the process

Is the printer definition set to Marlin in the profile?

It’s a firmware issue. I can’t speak for the E3, but on the E5Pro, the machine does not recognize the gcode for Change Filament. Instead, I have to use the “Pause at layer” script. In the dialogue for the script, pick the layer where I want the new filament to start, tell it to park the print head in a convenient (for me) corner, and tell it to use a hold temperature of 200C (for PLA). The hold temperature defaults to 0 in which case the filament solidifies in the hot-end and you won’t be able to change it.

If this is what you are trying to do, ignore the setting that specifies retraction. I tried that by setting enough retraction to pull the filament out, The problem is, when you restart it, the printer will try to undo the retraction by pushing the filament back in by the same amount and that may result in: A) a long string of extruded filament if it pushed too much filament back in or B) a gap before it starts printing again if it didn’t push the filament in far enough.

Also, the dealbreaker for me was that the filament comes out mixed with the old colour. I prefer to ignore the manual retraction, pull the old one out manually, push the new one in manually and manually extrude until I’ve visually confirmed that there isn’t any of the old colour left.

Of course, you never told us what script you were trying to run, so maybe I’ve typed all this for nothing. :slight_smile:

The motherboard is a SKR Mini E3 1.2

haha no you didn’t, I need to make some signs for machines and I want yellow backs with black raised text so this changing filament discussion is useful.

The typing is not for not I need all the help I can get
I am using a SKR Mini E3 V1.2 Motherboard I am using Cura Version 4.8.0
M600 E30.00 L45.00 X40.00 Y40.00 ; Generated by FilamentChange plugin

I don’t have an Ender 3 so I can’t say for certain whether the filament change script will work.

Try the Pause at Layer script as suggested. Make something small to test it with. Try a cylinder or cube 5mm wide and 10 layers tall and change the filament at a given layer. Such a small test won’t take more than a couple of minutes to print. That’s what I did when I first experimented with it before moving on to full-sized objects.

Stupid is what Stupid dose
I did not understand the selection I typed the layer# with the window set at @mm
should have use the stop @Layer window
I thank you so much, you led me to the problem
I would never have found the problem without your help.