Ender 3 v2 All metal extruder installation

Hey all,

Finally getting around to changing out my extruder for the all metal parts. I’m at the end and went to put the coupling for the bowden tube in only to find there’s nothing to screw into? I followed the instructions here and I’m trying to figure out what’s missing.

I notice on the stock part there’s this metal threaded bit that sits in where the bowden tube coupler would screw into.

What am I missing? (I am aware that I probably will have overlooked something and will feel incredibly dumb when ya’ll come in with your answers.)


I can’t help but wonder if they forgot to thread it?

Of course, there’s also, (dare I say it?), the possibility that you’re holding the extruder upside down and trying to put the Bowden tube on the inlet?

If you can send us a close-up photo of the extruder, that might help.

This is what I’ve got.

I was confused when I switched mine too. There should be a plastic connector with removable clip.

Remove clip, place connector in extruder, insert Bowden tube, snap clip back on.

Sorry for crappy pic! There’s no bowden tube in my pic because it’s my old printer, half canibalized.

Amazing. They forgot to thread it.

Jeffopentax just posted a photo of an extruder in which the Bowden tube fitting is just a piece of plastic. I’ve never seen that before. Mine uses a metal fitting that screws into threads that are supposed to be on the extruder.

First your extruder cracks, then the replacement doesn’t have threads.

Try to look on the bright side. It’s Good Friday. At least you know at least one person in history supposedly had a worse day than you. :slight_smile:

True that. Got the bowden tube in, now the brass looking gear is too low so that it doesn’t catch the filament as it goes through (to hold it against the guide wheel). This was an unexpected issue, and I’m not sure what it is because everything is screwed down tight. I’m not sure I want to take it all apart again at almost 3am to try to fix it, I’m not even sure I know what it needs. Am I missing a washer?

This was very helpful! Thank you!