Ender 3 v2 Clogging

I have (had my Ender 3 v2 for about a year- it worked pretty well for most of that time, but lately I am having problems with clogging. I am still using the same brand of filament (IIIDMax PLA+) with hot end at 215 C and bed at 60C. I recently installed a Micro Swiss hot end and that seemed to make things worse.
The print starts off okay but then starts extruding rougher after a few layers, and then clogs.
I think maybe I should go back to the original hot end and try to figure out what’s going on, even though it’s clogging a lot. Any suggestions?

does the micro swiss have an all-metal heat break? if so your retraction settings might be pumping heat up into the throat. on your old hot end have you replaced the PTFE tube? that tube is consumable and could be causing leakage and a clog there. the problems are sort of related but happen from the same cause.

The Micro Swiss has a metal heat break- I changed the retraction following recommendations I saw on line - dropped retraction to 2 mm. I have changed the PTFE tube to the upgraded Capricorn tubing.

Is the nozzle worn? You might have carbon build up inside the nozzle or the tip could be deformed.

The Micro Swiss hot end was just installed on the weekend- the nozzle is new and seems okay.

Ok. Have you adjusted your e-steps for the new parts?

Not yet- I guess that will be the next step. It still doesn’t explain why I began having clogging problems with the stock setup after it ran well for months.

Getting pretty frustrated- I changed the hot end to the Micro Swiss, reset the e-step and it ran pretty well for one print. Started another one later and after about 10 layers it clogged again.
It worked well for about a year, now I can’t seem to stop the clogging. I tried changing nozzles and bowden tubes- nothing seems to help for very long.

The reviews on Micro Swiss didn’t look promising.


Have you contacted Micro Swiss. Sounds like it helped one of the reviewers.

Getting pretty frustrated with the Micro Swiss hot end. I have tried changing settings for temp and retraction and am still getting problems with clogging. Today I was just about done a 15 hour print- everything seemed okay until it clogged again, this time melted filament on the outside of the heater block and the filament jammed in the heat break. It also appeared that the heater block assembly had rotated a bit. I had tightened this down with the hot end up to normal temperature (190C) and have had this happen before as well. Getting to the point of changing back to the stock setup.

This sounds like potentially heat creep. Where the heat from the hot end starts to over heat the cold part of the extruder and melt the filament before the hot end causing a jam.

Ater a jam how hard is it to clear? Are you just removing the filament normally and it is fine? Or are you struggling with the nozzle too?

The jam is getting pretty bad. I have had to disassemble the hot end to remove the clogs. Everything seems clear then clogs again when doing the next print. I use a small butane torch to melt the clogs then soak the parts overnight in acetone. I check with the nozzle cleaner tool to be sure the nozzle is clear before using it.

@Rob1 have you tried a better filament? A premium brand? It could be heat creep but that in my experience is an easy unclog. it could be dirty filament production.

I have been using the same filament for a while now- IIID Max PLA+. The clogs just seem to be getting worse. Not sure what brand I should be trying instead.

Try cutting the heat back to about 205 and see if it helps, it it is heat creep this might help. I have printed IIID Max without problems but you could have a bad roll.

How old is the tip? If they get worn that will cause trouble too.

Unlike loosenut I have had a bunch of problems with IIID max. In my case (4 of 5 rolls) had roll sides pinched binding the filament. In my case it looked like a clog but was not the filament was not coming off the roll.

Any different brand will act to eliminate filament as an issue.