Ender 3 V2 Control Board V4.3.1

Hi All!! Recently I purchased my first ever 3D printer from Best Buy and I want to update the firmware but the main board is a V4.3.1 any thoughts on the BIN file I should use??

Are you sure it is an Ender 3V2, those usually have the 4.2.2 or 4.2.7 MB’s

Did some looking and some Ender 3V2 now come with the 4.3.1 MB.

I suggest you get used to the printer first before you upgrade a whole bunch of things. It is hard to trouble shoot when you don’t have experience of how to make a good print first.

Its my first 3D printer I purchased from Best Buy, not my first printer.

Hey Mudflap, Welcome to the forum. The only difference with the 4.3.1 board it’s a remake of the 4.2.2 with different TMC drivers on it. Creality has told us we can use 4.2.2 firmware on it not an issue.

Creality got a lot of flack for the changes they pulled under the radar with the Ender 6 and updated the version to alert you that it’s not “exactly” the same as the 4.2.2.

I read somewhere that the 4.3.1 has “sort of” quiet stepper drivers. Maybe supply problems?

I cannot say 100% but I am thinking most of the issues like this are because of supply, Apparently, they have something like 6689 or something. I write it all up to chip shortage although I know as much as you all do.

Thanks everyone for your help. Here are a couple of links I found, good info.

Mainboard V431

Jyers V431

thats awsome Jyers updated it for the 431 His firmware is pretty outstanding

Just an update to this - it appears the 4.3.1 board is comparable to a 4.2.2 board on the Ender 3V2, NOT the 4.2.7.

You should be able to use 4.2.2 version firmware on this board without an issue.

HI Lauran

Thanks for the update, I just edited my initial post to reflect the correct 4.2.2 ref and not the 4.2.7

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I believe it is the same board with the semi-quite stepper drivers instead of the ones on the 4.2.2 board. Chip shortages maybe.

ya, @Loosenut I agree, sometimes we don’t realize here the effect on the manufacturing end of things. As long as the versions change and let you know there was some kind of a change in the board I’m ok with it.

It’s when you change the components of the board and don’t tell anyone that drives me insane.

just in case anyone is curious - I just had confirmation from Creality that the 4.3.1 board is also shipped with Ender 3V2’s in Canada because it carries ETL certification. So, according to Creality, that is another reason we are starting to see 4.3.1 boards in the Ender 3V2 printers. They do however, function the same as a 4.2.2 board.

Do they have fully silent stepper drives or the semi-silent ones that some Creality printer are now using…

I am not sure, but I will find out and let you know.