Ender 3 v2 enclosure

allo je voudrais installer un enclosure mais encore lequel choisir pour mon imprimante
semble qu’il est nécessaire pour l’abs
dites moi lequelle je devrais choisir et pourquoi, vous pouvez me répondre en anglais

There are a whole host of enclosure options, I’ve seen quite a few in the show us your rigs section. Wham bam does make a pretty quick setup one, use when u need it and take it down when you don’t. Creality makes a very similar one but we don’t carry it in store.

Kora is another option but they are the cadaliacs of the enclosure world. They have ire suppression options and the like.

Here is a good inexpensive option: 580x580x490mm - Wham Bam HotBox - 3D Printing Canada

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look good for me,
is v2 is out in 3dprintingcanada store