Ender 3 V2 firmware update

Someone somewhere doesn’t like me!
I have been having big problems printing multiple colors.
LEGOManiac gave me advice and suggested that the problem might be old firmware.
I decided to update my firmware. I was running, very successfully, 0.0.6 which came with the printer. I downloaded 1.1.0 from Creality and flashed the micro processor. It seemed to be accepted and the screen showed that version was present. But, the printer will not run. It freezes after I tell it to run a file.
Has anyone run into this problem and has a solution?

Well, i dont have an ender 3 or had that problem yet, but ive started fiddling with marlin so lets see if we can figure it out.

So after you installed the firmware, it freezes on you. How so? Does it home correctly, heat up correctly?

Or does The screen freeze on you?

I know its a bit obvious but have you tried a previously good gcode file? Or have you updated your slicer?

Dr. Marvin, thank you for your reply. This was a learning experience for me. I learnt several things;
1, That the Ender 3V2 has the possibility of 2 mother boards.
2, How to find out which mother board you have. (Turn the printer upside down to remove the cover plate, which is over the mother board, 3 screws, 3mm, on the bottom, 1 screw on the top. Read the mother board version off the PC board)…
3, .If you flash the mother board with the wrong board version firmware, it freezes everything!!
I now have my printer working again and it is now on to solving my multicolored printing problem.

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Right on :slight_smile: im glad you were successful.