Ender 3 v2 No heat

So I attempted to swap out my hot end after a massive blob problem with an overnight print. I bought a sprite extruded pro kit and followed the steps. On first attempt the heating bed began to warm up but not the hot end. Both fans on the hit end however were running. When I attempted to heat the hot end the entire unit shut off by itself. I rest it and tried to heat again but now nothing is heating. No fans are turning on for the hot end or the small one for the motherboard. There is a red LED light on the motherboard I can’t find information about.
Please help, I just bought the Ender 3 about a month ago

I think you burned out the hot end heater driver on your controller board - I think the best solution is to replace it.


Maybe the heater element too. Would it fail to heat if the thermistor was broken or just over heat.

What would have caused it to burn out? Improper connection?

I’m very new to this so was this caused by something on my end? Is it the motherboard or the hot end I have to replace. Or if what I have to replace is covered by where I bought it?

It is easy enough to break a wire on the hot end while fiddling with it.

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If the hot end was covered in plastic, that would be additional mass that required additional current to maintain the nozzle temperature which would eventually burn out the driver.

What do you currently get for the nozzle/extruder temperature? As some people have pointed out, it might be the thermistor or its wiring that’s been damaged but I’m not sure that’s the problem if you can’t get any fans running.

Yeah the original hotend was completely covered. The rubber cover was engulfed in plastic and most of the remaining part was covered. I tried to melt it off but that didn’t work. But the hot end was still heating with the original one.
The real issue arises when I swapped out the hot end for the above mentioned upgrade. So I will be returning the hot end and I reached out to where I bought the Ender 3 to see if they had any suggestions or would be willing to replace the mother board. Since that seems to be the issue.
I put the original hot end back and it is also now not heating up. Neither is the hotbed still.
Both are just toon temp

What are the temperature readings? There should be two of them.

18c on both. So room temp

Then the thermistors are working and that really means your hot end MOSFET (on the controller) is blown.


So does the hot end or the motherboard have to be replaced?

How comfortable are you with a DVM?

Disconnect the hot end heater wires and measure the resistance between them and let me know what it is. If it’s around 14 Ohms, then your controller/motherboard is bad. If it’s very high, then you’ll have to replace the hot end.

If you can’t make this measurement, then you’ll have to take the printer back to where you got it and have them figure out which is the problem.

I purchased it off a website so hopefully I hear back from them. I’ve already returned the new hot end

You mean the heater cartridge not the whole hotend don’t you.

I said “hot end” because it doesn’t seem like @Jaker360 is very comfortable with the different parts of the printer. He never replied to my queries about the resistance of the heater cartridge so I’m keeping to the subassembly level which he seems comfortable with.

Ideally, @Jaker360 would measure the resistance of the heater cartridge so he can tell the company he purchased the printer from exactly what the problem is and why he needs a new controller board.

I was comfortable enough to replace the hot end part but anything beyond that is outside my comfort zone. I lack any sort of diagnostic tools or the knowledge on how to do something like that

Thanx for letting us know what you feel comfortable with.

Let us know what happens when the company you bought the printer from gets back to you.

Thanks for all your help!

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Change out the heater cartridge, if there isn’t any difference then change out the thermistor. If that doesn’t make an improvement then its probably the mother board as Mike said.