Ender 3 V2 - PetG

Hello all,

Can a stock Ender 3V2 print PETG if no what upgrades do you have to complete to make it do so.


It absolutely can! However, it may be a good option to upgrade to an all metal hotend!

any suggestions i see some with direct drive, and some that still use the OEM drive with a hot end swap.

Direct drives are always a great option!

I have been successful printing PETG with the stock extruder/hot end setup on my Ender 3 V2. I went up to 240 deg C. I did read that it was not healthy to go hotter than 235 deg C on the stock bowden tube due to off gassing but after printing PETG for a while I pulled the hot end apart and I did not see any discoloration or burning at the end of the tube. For prolonged use at minimal cost I would maybe just replace the tube with a capricorn one to be safe and carry on printing with PETG.

I did see a YouTube Video with a Capricorn upgrade in the Hot end that might be a solution. I’m having stringing with long prints now I bought harden tip I’m wondering if I’m burning out tips too fast on longer prints now as well.

there is always something to tinker with i am find on the Ender 3V2

no need update to print petg, i m doing well without modification