Ender 3 v2 Tensioner Knobs

Hey friends. I just ordered the tensioner knob kits for x and y axis and i want to make sure they are what i actually need. Im new to 3d printing and was given this ender 3 v2 and was told the only part missing was this knob so i ordered the kits. Am i able to take the knob off the new kit and use it with mine or am i going to need to replace the entire assembly?

Im also going to be scouring the forums for tips and tricks on printing cause like i said, im new and id really like to get into the hobby!

Hi there,

Yes you can absolutely replace the old tensioners with the new ones, just pop the old ones off and re-route the cables through the new ones. After that you just need to screw them in and your good to go!

Happy Printing,

I downloaded “Professional Ender 3 v2 Belt Tension Knob Covers” from Prusa printables. They just press fit on to your original knobs. You have to take the original knobs off to do this.