Ender 3 V3 Announcement!

Aaand, the Ender 3 linup is getting yet more confusing!

Actually it looks pretty interesting; fairly low price point, and the upgrades appear to fix the biggest weak points. Namely, it runs a dual z lift(I haven’t really kept up with the very confusing linup of ender 3s, maybe some already have that)and dual linear rods for bed motion, a la Prusa, which I’m pretty sure is a first for an Ender 3, plus a few other new goodies.

Oh, and they claim a top speed of 250mm/s, with a more average speed of 180mm/s. I guess seeing is believing.

250 travels tbh

Oh, I"m definitely skeptical of their claimed speeds; most manufacturers seem to inflate their print speeds. That’s kinda why I added it as an afterthought.

It’s some of the upgrades with the notable price point that piques my interest. Not that I need another printer, my modified original Ender 3s are still performing very satisfactorily.

It may move at that speed, 250mm/s but that doesn’t mean it will print well or at all at that sped.

Yup, I’d be surprised if the sprite extruder/hotend setup could handle the volumetric flow rate. The improved bed mount, dual z, and apparently a strain guage for auto z offset would be the selling features for me if they all work well.

Creality, 100 printer line up. :crazy_face:

Tell me about it! :scream: I wonder if even Creality themselves can avoid confusion with their multitude of Ender 3 variants. I’ve long since given up trying to understand their naming system, what the various suffixes and combinations thereof mean. I just noticed the article and decided to check it out. Probably worth keeping an eye on how it performs.


agreed, We spoke to creality some time ago and talked about this exact issue. Its hard to explain all the differenaces in the printer lineup and we deal with it everyday.

From a consumer point of view its a nightmare.

I suggested something like use the Ender 3 V2 as a base 235/235 cartiesian style then add, something like “home” for maybe a direct drive, and a “pro” for all the goodies. HT for all the goodies with High temp hot end.

Ender 5 as the “cube” style 235/235, Then as you moved it up the Home, Pro, HT even call it an EC when you enclose it like the Ender 6 was. so the Ender 6 would become Ender 5EC

Was just my 2cents at the time.


The sprite is quite well built/designed and can push a decent amount of material, the only thing is that the hotend can’t keep up with it. I have managed to push crazy flowrates on a stock sprite extruder, I got around 30 cubic mm top, but I could push like 20-25 comfortably.

The big thing that people don’t understand is that your velocity doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t have the acceleration to get there. But this machine advertises around 4k accel, which if true means that it could actually rip somewhat decently for a bed slinger. I doubt it will be able to reliably push 250mm/s for standard printing, for moves it will probably not be a problem. But even at 150-200 that would still be pretty decent.

I wonder if they will have any kind of input shaper built into the stock firmware for this machine, at the price point it wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t one build in, but maybe on a pro version or something like that.


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Coming from marketing, the crazy line up is a shelf space marketing ploy. Silly they should just make a good well thought out well tested reliable product rather than try to release half baked designs every few months.


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