Ender 3 v3 KE exploded

Hi all,

This happened to my son’s Ender 3 v3 KE last night. Anything we can do to save it? The printer is only 100 days old :sob: I can see some wires encased in the blobs.

And why does it look like it overflowed from the top of the rubber boot thingy?


Good news! Creality is going to send me a new hot end assembly.

Can anyone tell me what would have caused this? I’ll probably get a better understanding when the new parts arrive, but I just can’t understand how it appears to be overflowing from the top down.

I’ve had that happen to me at least once on my original ender 3. Basically, it’s caused by the nozzle/heat block/heat break assembly not all being tightened together sufficiently. It’s often possible to salvage some of the hardware from that sort of mishap. There’s a very high chance that the thermistor, and probably the heater cartridge as well.

So maybe the nozzle gets plugged and it just forces its way out any opening that’s there already or any interface with a weak enough seal? If you look at the picture with the level sensor on the left, to me it looks like the print got all bunched up around the nozzle (you can see strands), then the blobs came down from the top on top of it.


Hotend nozzles operate with a fair amount of pressure. Might depend a bit on your extruder, but I would say as a rule, that if your nozzle clogs, the extruder should be the weak link, and start skipping. If I had a blob like that every time a clogged nozzle happened, I’d have bought a lot of hotends by now. It could be though that your hotend was just barely holding the pressure in, and then the nozzle clogging was the final straw, but it shouldn’t be that way.

My guess is that the nozzle was not tightened properly, then clogged, and the filament came out around the base of the nozzle and filled the cover and overflowed…