Ender 3 v3 Ke nozzle striking PLA as it prints

I am trying to print a rummoli bowl model on my Ender 3 v3 KE and I can’t seem to correct the nozzle striking the model as it prints. It looks like it is striking the infill because I have no problem when it is printing lines on the model. I have ran the temperature, flow coarse/fine adjustment (pass 1 and pass 2), and the pressure advance tests in Creality Print slicer (under Calibration menu) and made the adjustments.

I have slowed the printer speed and change temperatures to try and find a solution and no luck. If I reduce the printing speed while it prints (down to 40%) in Creality Print it reduces the noise which I take as not striking as much. I have also ran the Equipment self test on the printer before I tried to print again but no luck.

I have successfully printed a smaller version of the model so I am not sure why the printer is struggling with the larger model.

The Ender 3 v3 Ke runs a calibration before every print and I am perplexed. The gantry and bed are level from side to side (x), front to back (y) and for the gantry top to bottom (z).

I have tried printing this model 6 times to no avail. I am printing it right now and may be successful with the printer speed reduced now reduced to 40% but I am still getting noise from the nozzle hitting the infill but it is not as loud.

Any advice would be appreciated.
IMG_1881 Medium
IMG_1882 Medium



My guess here would be a tiny bit of nozzle ooze, and then on travel its hitting the infill. If your flow is calibrated, I would look at retration settings.

Also I would turn on Z_Hop as it would likely solve it as well.

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Thanks for the advice. I will have a look. Here are my settings after the calibrations in Creality Print:

Material Flow Ratio: 96
Max volumetric speed: 10
Material pressure advance length: 0.100

Using a temperature of 210 (initial printing is 215 and final printing temp is 200)
Bed temp is 60

The Ender 3 v3 ke is does the calibration for Z-Hop automatically. On the printer settings it has Z Hop Speed as 10 mm/s

Z Hop for Creality Print:


Thats way too cold for PETG in my experience.

235-245c hot end, and 70c Bed minimum (I would go 90c).

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This example is printing in PLA, but I have some petg to print as well.

My bad, those temps for PLA are decent. Have a look at the Z hop and try increasing the amount it hops, or make sure that it is indeed hopping.

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Reduce flow, gyroid infill can help too.

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