Ender 3 with BL touch

i got a creality BL touch from 3D Printing Canada few months ago finally got around to putting it on and setting up the firmware on SKR Mini E3 V2.0. when i run bed level it does not complete does a few point or sometimes none at all and just stops.

i have used many different firmwares from different places to get this to work but still always end up with same issue.

anyone have any ideas? could it be the BL touch is defective?

I have an Ender 3 with BLT v3.1 and SKR Mini E3 Turbo, running Marlin 2.0.7 successfully. I may be able to help. Can you post a photo of the Motherboard, showing where and how you connected the BLT?

You may find this video is just the help you need: https://youtu.be/4xtsJ-3-c_U?t=2421 as he shows how to fix the pin wiring & which coloured wire needs to go where.

HI Juniors

I usually suggest to anyone doing a BLtouch, You have to get the firmware and the wiring from the same location, The firmware is written specifically for the wiring noted in the installation. Wiring from one site and firmware from another site generally does not work.

WWAED has you working down the right path, Let us know how it goes.


i used the firmware from Big Tree for BLtouch with it hooked up the the Z end stop and i had to move the connection around to match up with the cct board. after doing all that i only used firmware that had conf’s for this V2.0 board. i never did this firmware setup on my own.

I used unified version from TH3D, BBT, and the marlin github hub version.

The only firmware that has worked for me was the smith3d version, and it has worked pretty flawlessly since I loaded it up. Tried a couple others, but nothing works well. I do a mesh every time it prints as well.

on my ender 3v stock bltouch firmware did fantastic job. just spend about an hour to get best Z off set and now that puppy prints non stop. No issue with anything. Just use good quality filament. Cheap filament is your enemy,

for the most part I use the creality factory download, the wiring and firmware we have on our GitHub is based on it. I know the wiring is same as is displayed in our updated youtube video for for the Ender 3 Pro

Hope this helps
Jason H

I believe the connector on the MB is 5-pins, but the Servo/probe is only 3 of those and the Z-End Stop is the other two. I had to watch that video carefully to realize I had plugged the connector on the wrong 3 pins, the first time I tried it. That and getting the wires in the right order are the only “tips” I have for you.

Yes, just if SKR comes with the bin out on the back side of the board. also the creality version BL Touch the wiring is not right either. On mine the ground and signal wire were in the wrong spots on the connector.