Ender 3d s1 filament change at layer

I have a new ender 3d s1 and I tried using cura and a post script extension to stop the printer to do a filament change at a particular layer . The machine stops, ejects the filament from the extruder and then beeps…i load a new filament, the machine is cooling, when I press the button I assume to continue it starts to heat again. when it gets to setpoint it beeps and cools off again, repeated on and on… am i doing the change at layer wrong?, should I not have a broken filament sensor installed, or active? any help?

I am new to 3D printing myself and I have had a similar problem. If I pause the print or pause for a filament change at height with post processing, when the print resumes everything looks fine. The problem comes when I inspect the print, the color change layers do not adhere to the prior layers. I am printing quite small numbers and 360 hash marks on setting circles for telescopes; they’re usually very large and short print, 268mm x 258mm x14mm with a color change at 12.6mm.

The only way I have been able to get around this problem has been to do an manual pause at about the beginning of layer 12.6, switch the filament and manually resume print. This solution is not very elegant, but it works every time for me.

Because I print the same or similar designs many times, I am able to set a timer to get ready to do a filament change. I do not know if this helps but I hope so.

I just bought a 3 color printer so hopefully I can stop babysitting my prints. We’ll see???

Good Printing, Jim