Ender 3V2 all metal hotend upgrade

I’m looking to replace my hotend on my Ender 3V2 due to continual blockage and failures. I just replaced the fan and it didn’t seem to help.

Would this be a proper part for the printer? Also I read somewhere it needs a mount printed. Any chance they’re also sold?

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I believe that will work but yes you will need an adapter. personally I tend to avoid the copies and go with the genuine E3d parts they IMO are just better construction and superior quality.

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you can print up the mount but I’m just going to throw this out as an option as well. Its a solid mount and designed for the Creality machines.

Its a pretty slick mount and all aluminum machined.

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Personally that looks like a a great option. I would prefer not have a hot end attached with plastic.

I’ve installed a couple of them for just that reason, It is pretty slick, actually comes with a block for properly setting up the BLTouch offset and all.

I personally love the micro Swiss direct drive all metal upgrade comes with the direct drive plate and the all metal hotend it works flawless for me on my Ender.

Thanks! That looks pretty good! Since I have BL Touch installed this looks like a pretty good solution!

Hey PJ! My current concern is cost effectiveness vs total cost of the printer.

I wouldnt mind dropping 150$ on a bigger printer, but it significantly increases the cost of my “entry level” 3V2. I’m trying to find just decent upgrades without breaking the bank.

HI, @CaptainSky We have had other direct-drive units in-store in the past that are cheaper. We have found customers used to have creeping and extrusion issues.

The Micro-swiss are available 2 ways, You can buy just the Hot end if you don’t require the direct drive, and they sell the direct drive that you can reuse your hot end if you’re happy with it. Just a way to reduce or spread out the cost a little.