Ender 3V2 - cookie cutter printing

I just purchased the Ender 3V2 to make clay cutters (smaller versions of cookie cutters).
I just set the printer up, uploaded my file which was sliced on Cura and this keeps happening.
Any idea what is happening here.

Please speak in layman terms as this is all very new to me.

thank you

Not sticking to the bed maybe? That lookes like the purge line, the head Z offset height, I cant tell if it’s too close in these pics but check your bed temperature and make sure the bed is level. what is the material you are using to print?

So it turned out the bed needed leveling, which I did

And it was going well until half way, it decided to spaz

I have currently increased the bed temp and having another go at it. Hopefully it sticks this time

OK. so let’s start with the basics:

Have you been able to make a test print from one of the sample files on the SD card? They’re usually designed to show off the printer and as such tend to be relatively unlikely to fail. They’ve also been printed 100,000 times by people all over the place so you know they (should) work. If the basic demos don’t work, then you haven’t set up your printer properly yet and you’re going to have no end of problems.

Keep in mind that 3D printers print in layers that are only a few thicknesses of a human hair. It doesn’t take much misalignment to start causing problems.

So, if you haven’t already done so, I’d very highly recommend going to this web site:

Read everything carefully. Start with the home page, then go on to Calibration.
The Calibration page is set up with a bunch of tabs at the top. Follow them in order from left to right.
This whole process will take several hours, but believe me, it will be worth it in time saved in the long run.

Based on your photos, your problem appears to be two of the most basic: establishing an initial layer height (z-offset) and levelling (technically, “tramming”) the bed (build surface). In the second photo, the left side shows the filament nicely flattened onto the bed but it raises up and comes off shortly after. Those are levelling issues, all covered on the web page I reference.

Your filament has a kind of ropey appearance which I’m kind of puzzled by but do the calibration tests and we’ll revisit it if it continues.

I assume, btw. that you’re using PLA at PLA temperatures? 200C for the hot end / 50C for the bed? - these numbers are approximate and vary slightly from one filament brand to the next.

Good luck with it and keep us posted.

P.S. before I forget: if you downloaded the file for the cookie cutter thingy, just keep in mind that not everything you download is properly designed and my not work on all printers. Always learn to print with things that other’s have successfully printed before. Otherwise you may spend hours or days trying to debug failures that result from a buggy file and have nothing to do with you or your printer.

Try turning your fan speed down. I had this problem at one point and found that turning my fan speed down to 80% did the trick. When the filament comes out it should stay hot enough, long enough, to melt a little bit of the layer it’s supposed to stick to. If the fan cools it down too quickly, it doesn’t melt a bit of the layer below and looks much like you see in the photo.