Ender 3v2 direct drive fan cap

Good evening.

Can someone please recommend a good link for a fan cap for a micro Swiss direct drive set up on my ender 3v2

I have it installed but the fan cap is holding me up.

Thank you for your time.

@in2New I do not own a ender so I can’t make any suggestion. However if I am guessing correctly (I am not the best guessing person here) but Fan cap is a fan duct? I suspect a search of thingiverse will yield a lot of variations. I often will go to the most downloaded and poke through the comments it is usually telling rather quickly what design is the best.


I have STL files for a lot of Creality stuff (I’m a bit of a digital hoarder) if you can drop a pic of what you are looking for (or pic of where it should be) I may be able to help you out.

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Hi Jason
Thanks for your response.
Here is my attempt to use the fan cap with the micro Swiss direct drive.
yes, it’s awesome.
And yes, it’s lame.
And yes, it doesn’t work.
If you can forward me a file, I would really appreciate it. I really need something to hold the fans.

Sorry, here’s the photo.

You could probably use a bullseye setup or a blockhead or some other similar fan mounts

ahh, Ic what your looking for, Unfortunately, that part is sheet metal on the ender 3 models and that one I do not have an STL for. I have actually done something similar I put an ender 3 direct drive on my CR10Max, I printed the Bullseye kit for it and it works well, I used the 5015 blower fan and I use it at a reduced speed, which keeps the machine quieter.

Ok, I know I replied already but print the satsana fan duct off thingverse for the e3v2, I know they have it there. I’m using it on my ender 3