Ender 3V2 hot end Fan replacement

Hi all,

it seems like my hot end fan on the Ender 3V2 is dead or dying, and I need to replace it.

Where can I find a reliable fan that will be simple to install and not too expensive?

Hotend fan is a 4010 24v.
I would recommend a ball bearing fan. They are quieter and last longer.
Small Cooling Fan with Ball Bearing 4010 24V | Fans - 3D Printing Canada.
Listed here at $6.95

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cheers! I was looking at the stock fans which were sold out

ahhh but hold on that one looks like a motherboard fan?

Hello Captain,

Were you needing the Part Cooler fan?

Id believe it should work just the same. So long as the voltage is the same and the size.

Those small fans are easy to change. Though sometimes you need to crimp on new connectors or do some simple wire soldering.

If you were to do any soldering, keep in mind to isolate the seperate wires, as in put shrink tube or tape over them after your done. So they dont short out.

Hotend cooling fan used on Ender 3, CR10s Pro, CR10 Max is a 4010 24 v fan.

Hi Keith! No I was looking for the Hot end fan :slight_smile:

ok perfect! Yeah the less soldering the better!

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