Ender 3V2 hotend fans

The fan shroud on my printer decided to part company with the hotend. Irreconcilable difference, sigh they were just to young. I printed up a new one (different style) and decided to use 40-20 fans instead of the original 10 mm thick fans. These are both straight through flow and the part cooling fan is split and comes out on both sides. I’m doing my first print now so I will see if it works OK shortly.

The fun bit was when I started to join the wires from the printer onto the new fans. 24V DC, no problem right. The fan wires are red and black just like they should be so naturally the wires from the MB are yellow and blue. A little searching in the spiders lair showed that the red and yellow go together and after that everything worked out OK.

Right now it is printing away and I have to say these Sunon fans which are suppose to be pretty quiet sound like an airliner taking off. OK that might be an exaggeration but they are louder then the original Ender fans for sure. I still have the old fans so I can print up a different shroud if the noise gets to be to much, hopefully there will be an improvement in cooling. I didn’t use Noctura fans because everything I could find said they don’t provide sufficient cooling on a hotend. The noise from the shroud could be due to the ducting flow in the shroud.

It’s never easy!

Yeah Sunon fans are marketed as being ‘quiet’, in reality they are slightly quieter than other equivalent fans. It’s kind of like saying a 9mm is quiet, because it is quieter than 50 BMG.

The 40-20 fans are probably noisier because they push more air but the whining sound is coming from the part cooling ducts, the sound disappears when the part cooling fan shuts off. It isn’t that bad and if it bothers me to much I can always print out a different design and try again. A 3D printer can rebuild itself. Cool.

I printed a calibration cube to test the new shroud and the print was fine.

This is a link to an article on Ender 3 series wiring.