Ender 5 bltouch issue

So I started having issue randomly with my ender 5 bltouch it get to last corner and stop leveling right bed don’t go all the way up to push prob back in. I reformatted SD card and reinstall slicer, and update the printer no luck . Love to post video but won’t let me :pleading_face:

Just a quick tip here

When you reformat your SD card, a BIN file gets lost. That BIN file stores your Z offset and some other points.

5 Pro or Plus?

I know that but thank you. Ender 5 pro 2 days before was running flawless turn it on to print bltouch got to past leveling corn and bed won’t go up to push prob. Then leave prob stuck out and tries to print if I raise the corner it finally read it but bed not level. I wish I could upload video to show

It start flash red and try to print with prob out. Really wired

Upload your video to youtube, then post the link here. I think that should work :slight_smile:

happens to me, it is because of my bed adhesive pulling it back out.

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Only happens in the last corner wierd. Everything else works , restart, self test, ect… but on last corner bed those not go all the way up to push prob fully in and leave it sticking out and flash. Even if it just on glass top no glue

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do you have bed springs?

Their all the way down all 4 check but if I raise that one corner then level the bed off level on that side. Then the prob will push back in. I had 0 issue stop a few days came back started a new print boom the issue started lucky I caught before prob smash itself in the print going around lol.

I reformatted SD, slicer, and machine nothing no luck

did you manually level the bed before deploying the touch? The BL is best used if the bed is mostly level to start with. It could be an error if the bed it too far out. its a long shot be either way it needs to be done.

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I was never able to do that why I got a bltouch :person_shrugging:

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My 2 cents worth… Ender 5 Plus, BTT SKR2, Marlin 2. I occasionally have a “firmware” error. Occurs at the first corner of ABL routine. Firmware flash etc. made no difference for me. I found if I run the Z Probe Wizard and manually level the bed then the ABL runs no problem. I had this twice in the last several weeks.

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Cool good to know thank you … very much