Ender 5 heat break fan

I just heard my heat break fan fail during a print and it’s the fourth this year. First one failed after 2 years, seemed like it had ingested some of the stringing because I was too lazy to tune the printer. Replaced it with a cheap 4010, got the stringing under control, that one lasted maybe 2 months. Replaced again with a cheap non-oem 4010, lasted a month. The latest one is an oem replacement. It’s been a week and it’s already failing.
I’m missing something here but I don’t know what it is. What would be causing these fans to fail so quickly?

They are crap! Buy better ones.

Where are you buying the fans from?

2 were cheap Chinese knockoffs from Amazon. I was disappointed but not surprised they died so quickly.
The latest one was an oem replacement from 3dpc

There really needs to be a warning on Amazon telling people that buying 3D printer parts from the vendors that sell on it is a gamble that probably won’t pay off.

Agreed, it doesn’t burn me often enough to stop me from trying though.
The quality of knockoff Amazon parts aside I’ve still got the new creality fan that failed last night. Not only did it fail, but it failed faster than the previous 2 knockoffs. It will intermittently run full speed but spend most of its time struggling to turn or completely stopped.

I purchased two each of 4010 24V blowers from five different manufacturers on AliExpress. I only chose ones from the manufacture’s store, specified a CFM output and gave free shipping (make sure you know the shipping costs on AliExpress as you will see ridiculously low prices on some parts with equally ridiculously high prices on shipping - TANSTAAFL). You’ll probably be waiting three to six weeks to get the parts.

Total cost was less than $60 CAD. I just did a quick search on Amazon.ca for “4010 24V Blower Fan” and what I see there is a minimum of 50% higher than AliExpress - although your wait will be significantly shorter. You can generally get product from AliExpress within a week, but the costs are very high.

The best fan I found was “N” in this selection:

The second best (but its output was significantly less) was:

The Aimsoar fans were far and away superior to anything else (including genuine Creality fans which I started with and are best described as anemic) and they’ve been running on two of my printers now for over six months without a glitch.

Great info, thanks.
The “N” fan from the first link looks more like a part cooling fan. Are you sure it’s a replacement for the heat break fan? I want to make sure I get this right if I have to wait until January for shipping.

Sorry, you’re right you’d want “E” or “F” for the straight through fan.

Creality fans are not that good, it is one of the places they cut cost to keep prices down.

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