Ender 5 plus bed mount

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Curious if anyone has any spare parts laying around for the ender 5 plus heatbed mount or knows where to purchase these. Got a second hand unit in the box and the entire heatbed was missing along with mounting railes

Looks like the bed is supposed to sit on t-slot half profiles like these: McMaster-Carr

Not sure where else to source. If anyone want so make a few extra bucks I’d pay them for their time to make me a set :slight_smile: . Even dimensions would go a long way


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I happen to have an ender 5 plus sitting next to me at my desk. I think you could get away with just using 2020 V slot extrusion to make up the mounts. you would lose about 10mm in print height but you could make up the mount easy with it.

We do sell it at the store and we can cut it for you as well. You would just have to drill the required holes. (our CNC machine is not running quite yet.)


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BTW the length on them is 498mm, you would actually get both out of a meter. (my blade width is 3mm)


Hi Jason,

I do have 2020, loosing the height I dont think would be to terrible, Im concerned with the levelling screws/springs then when using something thicker. I guess I would need to order longer ones?

HI @theonidus

Yes just longer screws would be the best solution. Add 10mm to whatever you have now and you will be good to go. I know Lee Valley sells the extrusion you are exactly looking for but its like $40 a meter, Its ridiculous. Full meter here at the store even with a cut charge would be between $20 and $25. and technically you are getting twice as much aluminum. :slight_smile:

Do you also do drilling? I just don’t know where to screw the holes after as I dont know the full spacing between bed/mounts and such

You might want to consider perusing 3DPCs Clearance pages. You asked about the heatbed mount but then said the entire heatbed was missing, so, as far as the bed and build surface goes, 3DPC currently has:

Which is close in size and will have the heating element and thermistor built-in. You may need to change the firmware to account for whatever model of thermistor is being used vs. what is native to the original printer.

currently we don’t do the drilling, I am actually working on the CNC as I write this as it will be an additional service we provide.

Its for an ender 5 Plus which is 370x370. Yeah it looks like someone nabbed the entire heatbed and assembly itself then returned it.

I did end up picking up a new bed yesterday from 3DPC but it looks like it wasn’t as simple as that, since I still need some additional hardware too (screws and levelling nuts) That was the only thing nabbed next to the runout sensor.

Thats alright! Wanted to see if I could save time and get the holes precision cut too.

Does anyone know the hole spacing or can they measure the spacing of the bar between the Z carriages and the bed?

center to center inside holes are 85mm apart, inside to outside holes 20mm

Thank you for this! Finally getting time to look into things come end of the month/August. Ended up finding the half rails as well actually.
Do you guys sell stock bed screws to for the Ender 5 Plus?

yes we do, We have some kits as well as lengths of 1 start or 4 start leadscrews.

Lengths range from 250mm, 500mm, and 1m lengths.

Hope this helps

Any idea when you’re getting the 1m lengths back in stock?

expected early Aug. Sorry I missed we were out of stock.

I’ll need 4 of the 1M 4Start lead screws.

ok, I can add you to the notification list.

Hey Jason, out of curiosity what would it cost for you guys to do the cut and drill the holes for me? I got my hands on the half rail needed

@theonidus usually for extrusion and leadscrew I will usually do for $5 a cut. Not sure what you mean by drilling the holes?

If you want to PM me and let me know what you are looking for I can do up an estimate. with my equipment here I am at +/- 1mm for cutting services.

Fine with me. I’ll shoot you a PM