Ender 5 Plus Hotend runaway

Good day
Hope someone may have some insight into my problem. I have an Ender 5 Plus has been running well since I got it then this. I am having a Hotend Runaway when I turn the machine on the Head starts to heat up and will not stop till I turn the Machine off. I have replaced the Hotend complete and did a PID and it failed due to high a temp . Then I just replaced the Mosfet and it does the same when I turn power on temp goes very high. PID failed due to high a temp again. Is this going to be a board replacement or is there something I am missing. The screen shows all the output when I turn it on but the Temp goes up.


Look forward to your feed back


When you did the complete hot end replacement, is it possible you grabbed the wrong voltage cartridge for the machine? I did this with an gen 1 E3 and had the same issue as reported.