Ender 5 Plus, Marlin 2.0, 32bit board

I was looking at updating my firmware and it seems a 32bit board would be better. Any suggestions on the best board to use? Currently have Creality V2.2.1 silent. Also would like to learn more about the advanced features in Marlin.

Can the existing LCD touch display be used with Marlin 2.0? I’ve seen some info stating it won’t work well.

Also, getting errors when building 2.0 for E5+. I’m sure I’ll get it figured out. It seems to be related to the LCD settings.

Any other newbies going down this path?



I just flashed my printer to marlin 2.0.8

I have an adimlab gantry-s so prettymuch an ender 3.

It has a mks robin lite board so i cant use touchscreens on mine.

If i were to upgrade my board im looking at the mks robin nano v3. My reasoning is its 32 bit, has tft and other lcd capabilities, and id go with tcm2209 drivers to get sensorless homing.

But thats just my opinion.

With marlin 2.0 its still too soon for me to say what features to add that make it worth it yet, but baby steps, pid autotune, and the easter egg fames are neat features.


What is that? ? ? ? ?

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"easter egg games

My mistake there

I thought you left an “r” out and were referring to easter egg frames :slight_smile: I figured this was some sort of GUI interface. I couldn’t make the leap between ‘fames’ and ‘games’. I must be more tired than I realise.

I have robins nesting under my deck they have 4 eggs I was thinking it was like a robins egg thing… LOL

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