Ender 5 Pro 4.2.2 + BLtouch issue

Hey everyone,

Brand new to 3D printing here. Trying to install the bltouch to my Ender 5 Pro with the 4.2.2 motherboard.

Upon power up, the bltouch illuminates red only, and extends its probe twice. When I try to auto home, the bed does not move upwards, and the bltouch’s probe does not extend. I have followed the instructions, and looked at the wiring diagram within them. While the wiring matches, I have heard of others swapping the red and blue wires that are connected to Pinboard A. Any advice would be appreciated. Obviously I’m hesitant swapping wires…last thing I want is a $500 brick :slight_smile:

I’ve attached a pic of the 3 wires, the red is connected to VCC, Blue Ground. and Yellow SIG.


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A little embarrassing, but it seems I was using the wrong firmware. Seems like most people were using the firmware for “without adapter”, but this works perfect when I use the “with adapter” firmware.



Hi Tom

Welcome to the forum, Glad you got it figured out.

For the most part the wiring part is not that scary, Its little chance you will brick it with a BLtouch install.

Rule of thumb: never pull or install wiring while the machine is turned on or even plugged it. ESPICALLY stepper motors or stepper motor cables. It will instantly fry the driver. other than that most of the stuff inside the board is 5volt or below.

RULE OF SAFETY: always assume its 120Volt live even when its not plugged it.