Ender 5 Pro BL Touch Problem

During a print, my Ender 5 Pro hot end crashed into the bed, destroying the BL Touch, gouging the bed, and plugging the nozzle. I replaced the BL Touch but left the nozzle off in order to test the new parts. I also placed a plastic container top under the BL Touch which is strong enough to actuate the BL Touch but gives me time to react before the probe is destroyed when it doesn’t stop. It now rises three times. The first just touches the probe, the second depresses the probe about a centimeter, and the third deforms the plastic and does not stop until I turn the power off.

I have been unable to get enough information on the printer to know how to approach this problem. Help?

Hi Larry - welcome to the forum - glad you found us!

I asked PJ in our tech department about this issue and he has suggested to check the following:

verify that your printer and board firmware match - you can download all the latest firmware directly from Creality’s website here: Download | Creality 3D

Thanks for the attention.

I should have mentioned that the failure occurred after many successful prints. I have some experience in bug corrections in electronics, MIDI transmission, and computer programming so I worry that updating sofware might compound my problem. It’s probable that updates would eventually be an improvement, once I have my probem solved.

Is there somewhere that I can get information?

  1. What is the expected routine for the BL Touch? - I know I should have been more observant when it was working.

  2. What happens within the sensor and what electrical messages is it sending? The BL Touch has been replaced so it probably is not the source of the problem, but it would help to know what happens within the sensor and what electrical messages is it sending?

  3. In the Ender software, does the signal that raises the base depend on the continuation of a connection to keep rising or is there a stop signal? That is, is it fail-safe?

  4. If the sensor and the software are not the problem, it seems most probable that the fault lies in the wiring of the printer. Is there a wiring diaram that I can use to check continuity in the wiring?

With so little technical information available, those who know these machines must have progressed through considerable trial and error. I truly approciate any help that is given so that I may avoid the same long-term process.